This is my Blog. I’m not sure what I will post here!

I’m Rob Ferrer. I live in York with my wife Abby.

I am a director of Ferrer Consulting Ltd, and most of my work is PHP and xHTML web development. I may make quite geeky technical posts that will bore most of you – apologies in advance!!

I hope to update this page more in future.

4 responses to “About”

  1. Hi Rob! I came across your comment on the jide.fr website regarding problem in the way the gravatars are or better are not showing right. I’m in the same problem now and you wrote “You shouldn’t need any parameters to the gravatar() call. Simple fix in comments.php”, but I don’t know hot to fix this. Please if you could send me in email how does your comment.php file looks I would be most grateful!

    Thanks a million!

    P.S. You can freely delete this comment!

    Darco H.

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