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  • Electronic Megastore (electronicmegastore.com) Used to be a Scam

    UPDATE 2011-10-12: After Electronic Megastore seemed to be offline for quite some time I received an email last night from someone claiming to be the new owners of the site. Apparently he bought the site and/or business from the previous owners, and agrees they used to be very dodgy. He (the new owner) claims to […]

  • A warning to webmasters: don’t rely on secret URLs

    I’m sure I’m not alone in creating administration pages for websites that under development, and relying on the fact the URL is unknown to keep them private (until the site is launched of course). I currently have a large project under development, which has a number of administration functions that are executed by visting a […]

  • MySQL Optimisation Trick using EXISTS

    One for the geeks I’m afraid. I’m developing a site with quite a complicated menu system getting details using equally complicated database queries. In various places in the menu, I needed to find out whether to display a particular sub-menu. To do this I had some SQL to check whether any products existed at that […]

  • Text copying disabled

    I was writing an email to a friend, and tried to copy and paste a URL, but all that get pasted was “Text copying disabled”. I thought maybe the site was preventing copying, so I disabled Javascript and tried again. Same problem. I tried copying some text within a text editor. Same problem. Eventually I […]