My Search Funds – Get Paid to use Google!?

I’ve been using My Search Funds (the site that pays you to search) for a little while now. Up to now they have used to provide the search results.

I was surprised today to find a Google results page when I searched. I thought I had selected the wrong search engine, but I checked, and I had used the correct search option. This is great if they are able to start to use Google, because the results are much better.

I checked the FAQ on the site, and it’s changed slightly. The wording is now:

“Our results are taken from Yahoo!, Windows Live Search and Ask (and shortly Google) and are presented to you based on how many of the search engines they appear in so we hope your results will be just as good if not better!”

This looks like they are going to use a combined results page, but no sign of that yet. I don’t know how this will affect the revenue share, but I doubt they would do anything to make them and us less money!

There was a “New Message” on my account today, but it was blank!

If Google is here to stay, there’s now even more reason to sign up for this service. My earnings are now coming up to £20 – the minimum payment level – and that’s after less than 2 months!

[Update]: I found a message on the search page:

New Improved Search Results!
Now you can use MySearchFunds to search three major Search Engines in one go! Shortly we will be adding Google to this and improving the presentation and speed of results so please stick with us.

We are having a few minor problems with our meta search service which should be resolved next week. In the meantime why not enjoy results from Google.

They also mention cashback shopping – in fact they are giving 50% of eBay’s revenue on winning bids already.

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