My Search Funds to become Homepages Friends

My Search Funds announced today in an email to their users (or at least me) that they are to become Homepages Friends. It seems they are moving away from just paid searches, to add more cashback services (like their existing eBay cashback).

One downside is that they are moving away from Google to use Yahoo as their search provider. It looks like they are hoping to add more Yahoo services to Homepages Friends in the future. Maybe we will see a service that pays you to check your mail?

The Homepages Friends domain ( according to the logo in the email) isn’t active yet, although similar domains redirect to which seems to be the same organisation and offers search income to sports clubs etc.

They promise changes over the next few days, in the meantime we can get paid to use Google.

I hope this continues to be a good service – I have over £30 accumulated so far!

[Update 2008-06-09:] The changeover has taken place – see my new post.

2 responses to “My Search Funds to become Homepages Friends”

  1. I am french and I use too myhpf now.

    A week ago I asked something like ” can I talk about myhpf to cybercafé?”

    And they tell me not with myhpf which is personal but with whitedotbox you can

    it is not exactly the same thing with myhpf because with withedotbox you can put on your website the yahoo search engine and every people who used this give money for you^^

    and I think it is more interesting that myhpf because for just one search you earn 0.0498£ instead of0.01£

    so if you know people who have a website give them your link of affiliates

    or more contact cyber cafe they are the best to earn more than anybody.

    good luck

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