Why is it that delivery people find it so hard to use doorbells? You’d have thought they would be more experienced than most, but they seem incapable of pressing that little button. Maybe it’s something missing from their basic training.

I suppose they are too used to doorbells not working, but surely people wouldn’t bother installing doorbells if they didn’t have a use for one. Why not knock and ring?

The reason this is such an annoyance for me is that I work from home in a log cabin at the bottom of the garden. This means I can’t hear anyone knocking on the door, which is why I installed a wireless doorbell. I’ve missed a lot of deliveries because of their fear of bells. Citylink seem to be the worst offenders, but I missed one from Royal Mail today.

I think I need to get myself a “Please Ring” sign, but I am reluctant to have to put up instructions for such a simple device. Maybe something like these from Dave Gorman’s Flickr set:

Please Ring

Press Here

(see also this Flickr Group)

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  1. Your post made me laugh – its amazing how many people can’t do simple things or have common sense. I think you should def put a sign up given you have a real reason (working in your cabin)! Go for it!!!

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