My Search Funds has become Homepages Friends

I wrote last Tuesday that My Search Funds (the site that pays you for your web searches) was to become Homepages Friends. This change took place yesterday.

The biggest change is that Yahoo is now used for the searches. I haven’t done enough searches to be able to judge the quality of the results, but I doubt they are as good as Google. I would guess the cashback per search is likely to be similar though.

The other change is to the “personal homepage”. As well as the main search box, there are tabs for “My Gadgets”, “My Shops”, “My Bookmarks” and “My Blog”. None of these are functional yet, but they seem to be aiming at an iGoogle sort of service.

Interestingly, despite them quoting the domain in their logo, the domain they are using is!

Sign up here and take a look, and start earning. I’ve accumulated over £30 so far, and am close to £20 “past 45 days” threshold I need for my first payment!

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  1. Well i did toy with the search yesterday and today……I am not too happy about it.
    Maybe because I am used to google?

    I have been heavily promoting this website with great success mainly because it was
    giving google results. Now I am not sure if I will manage to keep most of my refs active enough to make some good earnings.

    Plus it is buggy since the change. yesterday all my refs were gone (along with their earnings), this morning they were back with their earnings and now, an hour ago, all refs are there but I lost ALL their earnings except those from june 9th.


  2. @Nathalie: The results seem ok to me, but agreed they aren’t as good as Google.

    Bad news about the lost referrals. I hope they sort that out for you.

  3. It’s kind of strange what happens with MHF right now.

    I’ve lost all my referral earnings two times, then they were back, now they are gone again…

    The link for downloading the search bar (at their home page) is broken too. Not to talk about sending them an email, their email queue is full since some days.

    Although I will still support My Homepages Friends in the future, I think they should at least make some things clear and give a statement on what’s going on right now!


    PS: Does anybody know how the friend’s earnings are added to my personal earnings? I can either watch my personal earnings or my friend’s earnings, but not both combined…

  4. @Querblogger: It all seems a bit odd, but most things seem to be working for me.

    I only have referral earnings for the last couple of days at the moment, but I don’t think they’ll lose them.

    I think their growth has been pretty big for them – When I joined they had around 17,000 users. It now seems they have over 100,000.

    In other news, the earnings from Yahoo seem to be similar to the Google earnings (and Ask before that). About 2.3p per search at the moment.

    I hope to get to the £20 threshold (past 45 days) before the next payment run, so should be able to confirm that they pay soon!

  5. Well, my referral’s earnings are back now (a whooping £0.19), although these earnings are still seperated from the money I’ve personally earned from searching?!

    So far I get an average of 1.7p per search, not bad at all! 🙂

    See you,

    PS: While looking at my last referred friends, it seems they have over 111,000 members now !

  6. @Querblogger: Mine are back too! They’ve never put both earnings together that I’ve seen. Will be interesting to see what happens when I get my first payment!

  7. Not amused with homepages friends at all. I have been due a payment since december and each time i email them with regards to this i keep geting fobbed off with ” there is a backlog of payments” or ” you will be paid as soon as we can”
    To me this site seems like one big scam and i dont think that i will ever receive a payment from this company. If i do it most likely get to me by the year 2020!!

  8. @Welshy: I’ve had a couple of payments, but was also due a payment in December which never arrived. It’s now been put into a payment due by end of Jan. I’ll see what happens then, but will probably give up if they don’t send that payment. It’s a shame because I’ve been paid over £50 so far, and have nearly £100 total earnings (£40 of which is due to me before the end of Jan), and they generally seem to be slowly improving their systems.

  9. Slower than snails should be the term for their service!! If you was the company and i was a paying customer who was subscribing for the goods that you have on offer and was to pay “X” amount per month then you would be making sure that you would take that payment from my account. Where as they have their customers over a barrel basically, You can still use their services and they wont make payments on time. Its not like they are gonna stop you from using those services as they make their money from them but you still have to wait rediculous amounts of time to get any kind of payment out of them!!

    I have sent them an email this morning outlining my frustrations at the slowness of their service and the quality of it too, just have to sit back and wait and see what they say about it. Most likely fob me off with the you will get paid by end of january bull**** lol

  10. I am disappointed right now…I’ve earnt £49.56, been doing it since the summer, and have not yet received ONE payment. After numerous emails, I just keep getting told my details will be “passed on to try and speed the process up”. Nothing is happening…I really could do with this money right now, too.

  11. Still not had a payment off them, was due one at end of december that didnt get paid, due another at end of january which hasnt been paid and surprise surprise they are ignoring e-mails i sent them.. f***ing scam is what springs to mind!!

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