This post isn’t so much about Jade Goody, or her recent passing, but about the over-coverage (in my opinion) of the story.

Don’t get me wrong, it is tragic that Jade has died, but in my opinion no more tragic than any other young mother dying of any terrible disease. In life she was annoying and obnoxious, and someone I just wasn’t interested in. Her claim to fame was pretty much being stupid. She wasn’t evil or malicious, just ignorant.

For months (after Celebrity Big Brother), she was vilified by the press and the public (in my opinion unfairly), and yet now she’s being held up as a saint. I have even heard of at least two people comparing her to Princess Diana (including Stephen Fry!). She’s still second story on Radio1 news, a full two days after the event.

The one good thing that has come of her death is that more young women are getting checked out for cervical cancer, so I suppose if the media coverage saves lives I can’t be bad!

I am aware that by writing a post about this, I am being hypocritical, but there you go!

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