Ten days, Eight posts

I’m up early (well early for me – especially for a weekend). I was wide awake (which is again unusual for me in the morning), so I thought I’d get up!

I thought now was a good enough time to sum up my Post a Day experiment.

In ten days I wrote eight posts. Nothing particularly exciting. The most viewed post got just 25 views, but that’s not too bad.

I quite enjoyed the challenge of trying to write something every day. I expected to write more about what I’d been doing in the previous 24 hours, but instead found writing more about what was on my mind. This probably made for slightly more interesting posts (emphasis on the slightly!).

I’m not quite sure why I stopped. I think it was partly I was pretty busy, and when I had paying customers wanting work done, and Abby getting bored on maternity leave, I couldn’t justify (to myself) taking half an hour every day to force myself to write. I probably also ran out of things to write about!

I will continue to post more often than I did previously – it’s been good getting my thoughts down “on paper”, but I’m not going to try and stick rigidly to one a day. In fact I have something else I will probably write about later today.

If you want to get started with a blog, or want to kick start one you already have, forcing yourself to write once a day can be a good way to get motivated, but I don’t think it’s for me in the long term.

One response to “Ten days, Eight posts”

  1. find your website from facebook~
    i can not agree with you any more about what writing something everyday can be a good way to get motivated,
    i m forcing myself doing the same thing, writing about important things in each day, and i find it useful to check if i have done something the right way, or how can i do it better.
    so hope you can keep doing it, you may find a self that you even don’t know before~

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