It’s Been a While

It’s just gone 3:00 in the morning, and I’m writing my first post in a long time, and I’m writing it one handed.

It’s been nearly 2 months, a long way from the relative excitement of my post a day “experiment”. Anyone who reads this regularly (I’m still not sure there is anyone), or anyone who follows me on Twitter (which I have been updating), will of course realised it’s because my wife Abby gave birth to our daughter.

Isabel Anne Ferrer was born at 11:03 on April 20 2009!


[More Photos Here]

Of course the reason I’m up so late/early, and typing one-handed is that I’m trying (and as of 03:11am, succeeding) to rock Izzy (her name was shortened almost immediately) to sleep.

I’m not sure what words to use to describe adjusting to parenthood. It has of course been amazing. We’ve had a few sleepless nights, but on the whole I think we’ve been pretty lucky. Izzy has been a pretty good sleeper, and we’ve rarely resorted to naps during the day, and haven’t been walking round like zombies.

We’ve also been pretty lucky with feeding (I say we, Abby’s been doing all the hard work). Izzy latched on almost straight away after birth, and there’s hardly been a problem with breastfeeding since birth. A lot of our friends from our NCT antenatal class have been very jealous!

A week or so ago we started to have a bit of problem with Izzy becoming fussy and grouchy every evening. This turned out to be gripe, and we’ve found giving her Gripe Water at this time calms her pretty quickly (normally after some impressive burps/farts!). Again we’ve been lucky and I’ve heard of much worse cases of gripe/colic.

Everyone of course asks how the nappy changing is! To be honest, it’s not a huge chore, and it doesn’t even seem too disgusting any more. We are using cloth nappies, which I would highly recommend and isn’t loads of work. The only problem is she’s using up to 15 nappies a day, which given we’ve only got 20 means daily washes. I may write a more comprehensive account of cloth nappies at a later date.

It’s now nearly 03:30, and Izzy’s still fast asleep (thanks to lullabies on Spotify – you should see our recent stats!), so I’m going to risk going to bed now! I’ll try and post sooner than 2 months, I promise!


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