Another Night, Another Lullaby (and I bought a car)

It’s 3:40 am and  I’m up again today rocking Izzy to sleep. It’s not too bad as he gave us over 4 hours before waking for a feed and a change. I think she got wind, but that seems to have cleared (with a few of her surprisingly loud burps) and she’s starting to settle. I did think she was getting her daily dose of gripe (she didn’t need any Gripe Water, which is progress), but it’s cleared on its own.

I picked up our new (well, second hand) car yesterday. We upgraded our 12 year old Renault Scenic and got a 2004 Grand Scenic. The old car had done very well for us. It had just under 100,000 miles on the clock, but we hadn’t exactly looked after it. It still ran very well, and had never failed to start, but we were told at the last service that it was on its way out (annoying as we’d just spent over £300 to get it through the MOT!) The most immediate problem (given the hot weather) was that the interior ventilation fan had stopped working.

The new car is the top of the range spec, which is very nice because it has all sorts of fun toys like keyless entry and panoramic sunroof. Unfortunately it was made before cruise control and climate control was standard on the top spec. It does of course have AirCon, which was on our must have list.

It also has 7 seats, 2 of which fold down into the larger boot. We didn’t go looking for the extra capacity, but decided that the extra boot space could be very useful, even if we never use the extra seats (I think there are very few adults who could fit in them). Maybe we should just have 4 more children?

Slightly worryingly, I got our newer, more reliable car home, went to demonstrate it to Abby when she got back from Bumps & Babies, and it wouldn’t start (something that had never happened to the old car)! I rang the guy we bought it off (Selby Trade Autos is his trading name). He was great – despite the car being “sold as seen” (as most used cars are), he dropped everything and drove straight out to see me. Luckily it turned out to be a minor problem which had been caused by some work that had been done on the car just before we bought it. I do need to take it to my local garage and get a fuel line replaced to stop it happening again (not as bad as it sounds), but he will re-imberse me for that.

Overall I’m very happy with my new toy. I’ll leave you with a couple of the  photos from the ad for the car, I think I’m going to see if my darling daughter will settle in bed now.

scenic1 scenic2

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