Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 19

This is (possibly confusingly) the second part of our diary of our Baby Led Weaning experiences.

Abby gave her some banana, rusk and satsuma. She didn’t eat much banana or rusk, but had about half a satsuma. She’s not always very hungry at breakfast time.

I steamed some parsnip for lunch, and cut up some pear. Izzy screamed and screamed, and despite picking some pieces up she wasn’t interested in eating them, or taking any pieces we tried to feed her. We decided she was too tired and/or her teeth were hurting too much to want to eat.

A few minutes later after Abby had calmed her down, she tried again with Izzy sitting on her lap. She seemed a bit more interested in the parsnip, but when offered pieces of satsuma she picked them up and quite happily ate them. She probably had nearly a whole satsuma. When it was finished she just wanted to turn the pot of parsnip over!

Dinner consisted of left over parsnip from lunch, and some freshly steamed sweet potato. For the first time since the early days we ate our dinner at the same time as Izzy – partly because that’s just the way the timings worked, we didn’t plan it.

She ate quite a lot this evening, and most of it was out into her mouth herself – she is really getting the hang of it. We dipped some of the parsnip into the sauce of the baked beans we were eating, and we even gave her an oven chip off Abby’s plate. She also had some satsuma which she loves at the moment.

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