Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 20: 6 Months old today!

Izzy is 6 months old today. All the “official” advice says you should only start baby led weaning at 6 months old, but she was getting hungry and seemed ready, so she’s 20 days in now!

Abby did breakfast (as she does most days in fact), and it consisted of nectarine, banana and of course satsuma. The nectarine just got sucked for a bit, and she ate a fairly small amount of banana and satsuma, but she’s never very hungry first thing in the morning.

We gave Izzy the remains of the sweet potato from last night (slightly warmed in the microwave), and some satsuma. She ate quite a bit more than at breakfast, but still played with it a lot. The softer pieces of the sweet potato were definitely the favourite. I think I am steaming it for slightly less time in the vague hope it will be a bit less messy, but I think I should make them softer. We’ve also decided that orange is her favourite colour of food!

After lots of grabbing Abby also gave Izzy a small piece of wholemeal bread from her panini (it had no cheese on that bit. Izzy was happy sucking on that for a while, and I think probably swallowed quite a bit of it. She’s starting not to like us eating if she’s not, which is hard because if we are eating ourselves we can’t help her eat!

Something a bit different this evening – Abby fried up some squash and courgette. Despite being a little firmer and our experiences at lunch time, she really seemed to like the squash, but the courgette didn’t go down well (I don’t blame her – I think it’s horrible). She also had a bit of banana.

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