Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 21: at Gran & Grandad’s

We’re down at my mum and dad’s at the moment which means things are a bit different for Izzy, but we’re still carrying on with the baby led weaning.

Izzy slept for quite a long time last night, so was pretty hungry. We slightly stewed/steamed some apple, and gave her some fairly soft pear. She ate four quarters of apple with very little mess, and has a small amount of pear.

We were having fishcakes with steamed carrot and broccoli, so we gave Izzy some of the steamed veg, as well as the left over (another four quarters) apple from breakfast. The apple went down very well, but she didn’t seem keen on the veg. I don’t know if it’s because the carrot still had skin on (we have peeled it up to now), of she just didn’t fancy it. She also sucked on (but didn’t eat much of) a piece of wholemeal bread.

We didn’t plan enough before she got hungry, so dinner consisted of soft pear, clementine and bread with humous. The fruit went down fairly well, but the favourite was the bread and humous!

She ate quite a lot today, but I’m writing this at 10:30, and she’s still not asleep (she normally is by this time), so I don’t know if this is related, of if it’s just coincidence.

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