Baby Led Weaning Diary – an update

If you’ve been following this diary, sorry for the lack of entries. I decided it was getting a bit samey and have decided it’s likely to be better to make occasional entries  when we have any new developments.

Izzy’s been eating that same sort of stuff. She’s really learning to pick things up on her own and put them into her mouth. I’m quite mean with this – I’ll hold something up for her, but won’t put it in her mouth when she “calls” for it. Instead I let he watch me put it down so she knows where it is, and she quite often picks it up on her own. Sometimes I put it into her hand, and sometimes I give in and put it in her mouth.

She can be quite greedy at times and pick up one thing in each hand and put them both in her mouth at the same time.

She’s also still regulating her own intake. Some meals she’s very hungry, while others (like this morning) she doesn’t eat a lot at all.

We’re going to a wedding this afternoon and then she’s staying overnight at her grandparents’ house so getting food ready is a bit new for us, although I’ve just read a bit more of the book and realise we’re not being as adventurous as we could with what we offer her, so I think I may be offering her some food off my plate!

We did give her a bit of lactose free yoghurt the other day, but it had quite a lot of sugar so I think we’ll save that as a treat. She seemed to like it, but soon got frustrated with not being able to feed herself.

I’ll try and add updates as we try anything new.

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