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  • It’s been a while

    After going through a period of writing a post a day, it’s now been nearly 8 months since my last post. It’s not like I’ve not had anything going on. The latest development we’ve had is we moved house at the beginning of August. We’ve moved out of York and are now living in Whitnash […]

  • Ten days, Eight posts

    I’m up early (well early for me – especially for a weekend). I was wide awake (which is again unusual for me in the morning), so I thought I’d get up! I thought now was a good enough time to sum up my Post a Day experiment. In ten days I wrote eight posts. Nothing […]

  • I think I’m more suited to Micro-Blogging

    Well, here I am – I made it to Day 2 of writing a post a day! Recently I’ve discovered Twitter. I’m sure everyone knows about it by now – it’s a bit like posting a Facebook status to a public page. This means it can be searched and read by anyone, and is described […]

  • The Lonely Blogger

    I’ve had this blog for a few months now, and I’ve started to think about my reasons for starting it. When I started I didn’t really have a plan for any theme or anything,and I’m not sure I really expected anyone to read it. Most of my posts get almost zero visitors. My most visited […]