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  • Autograph Request: Mistaken identity or a new scam?

    Update (02/02/2010): It would seem from the comments that this was a legitimate request for an autograph! MAybe I’m more famous than I think? Original post continues: A few days ago I got a surprising email asking for my autograph (full text below). Despite getting literally tens of visitors to this blog per day, I […]

  • “554 Message not allowed” – Email Rejected by Yahoo

    I just had a customer contact me asking if I had any idea why his email was being rejected by the Yahoo mailservers (which also deal with all BT addresses). The rejection message said: 554 Message not allowed – [320] (in reply to end of DATA command) A quick Google search, and a look at […]

  • A Spam solution that really works

    Disclaimer: We are resellers for Death2Spam, so I have a potential interest in recommending it, however, we became resellers because we like the service! For years I had just accepted the ever increasing amount of spam delivered to my mailbox every day. My email address is at the top of every page on the company […]