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  • Autograph Request: Mistaken identity or a new scam?

    Update (02/02/2010): It would seem from the comments that this was a legitimate request for an autograph! MAybe I’m more famous than I think? Original post continues: A few days ago I got a surprising email asking for my autograph (full text below). Despite getting literally tens of visitors to this blog per day, I […]

  • Electronic Megastore (electronicmegastore.com) Used to be a Scam

    UPDATE 2011-10-12: After Electronic Megastore seemed to be offline for quite some time I received an email last night from someone claiming to be the new owners of the site. Apparently he bought the site and/or business from the previous owners, and agrees they used to be very dodgy. He (the new owner) claims to […]

  • Very Odd Sales Call

    I have just received a very strange sales called that went roughly like this: Me: Hello, Rob Ferrer Caller (in Indian Accent): Hello, I am calling from [easily forgettable company name]. May I speak to Mr Ferrer Me: Speaking Caller: I am calling about the computer Me: OK… Caller: I am calling about the computer […]

  • Text copying disabled

    I was writing an email to a friend, and tried to copy and paste a URL, but all that get pasted was “Text copying disabled”. I thought maybe the site was preventing copying, so I disabled Javascript and tried again. Same problem. I tried copying some text within a text editor. Same problem. Eventually I […]