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  • “HTTP Acrobat PDF Suspicious File Download” – False Positives?

    Note: There is now a potential solution for this – see the bottom of the post. Today when browsing the web, I started to get notifications from Norton Antivirus telling me a malicious worm was blocked. I get these occasionally, so thought nothing of it the first time, but they kept coming up, and I […]

  • The Lonely Blogger

    I’ve had this blog for a few months now, and I’ve started to think about my reasons for starting it. When I started I didn’t really have a plan for any theme or anything,and I’m not sure I really expected anyone to read it. Most of my posts get almost zero visitors. My most visited […]

  • Freshy 2 & Gravatar Bugfix

    Please Note: [update 2008-08-20]: This has now been fixed as of Freshy 2.0.8, so you shouldn’t need to make any changes other than updating to the latest version. I am leaving this post for the sake of archive. Any regular readers (although I don’t think I actually have any!) of this blog will notice I […]

  • New WordPress Version & New Theme

    I upgraded to WordPress 2.5 today, using the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin. I had a few problesm. The main one was although it asks for FTP details so that it can change the permissions, there are many files it doesn’t. The second problem I had was I didn’t read the bit that says “Click here […]

  • Use your WordPress Blog as an OpenID

    I read about OpenID a while ago, and decided now I have a blog, I should get myself an ID to let me log in to the various sites that support it. I assumed there would be a WordPress plugin that let me do this, and I quickly found and installed WP-OpenID. To my disappointment […]