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  • Ten days, Eight posts

    I’m up early (well early for me – especially for a weekend). I was wide awake (which is again unusual for me in the morning), so I thought I’d get up! I thought now was a good enough time to sum up my Post a Day experiment. In ten days I wrote eight posts. Nothing […]

  • Is one hour enough?

    I’ve just recieved an email from our colocaltion suppliers encouraging us to take part in WWF’s Earth Hour. Basically the idea is to turn off the lights for an hour tomorrow evening in an attmpt to halt climate change. Nice idea, but is one hour in 8760 going to make any difference? I know the […]

  • A warning to webmasters: don’t rely on secret URLs

    I’m sure I’m not alone in creating administration pages for websites that under development, and relying on the fact the URL is unknown to keep them private (until the site is launched of course). I currently have a large project under development, which has a number of administration functions that are executed by visting a […]

  • Jade

    This post isn’t so much about Jade Goody, or her recent passing, but about the over-coverage (in my opinion) of the story. Don’t get me wrong, it is tragic that Jade has died, but in my opinion no more tragic than any other young mother dying of any terrible disease. In life she was annoying […]

  • Avoiding Crap eBay Photos

    I’ve spent most of the afternoon today listing items on eBay. It’s a great idea getting a bit of cash for your unwanted junk (not that anything I sell is junk of course!), but it does take a surprisingly long time putting them up there (and then of course a long time packaging and posting […]

  • A Lovely Spring Day in York

    OK, so I messed yesterday, but this post is only a few hours late, and is about yesterday, so that counts. It was a gorgeous day in York yesterday, so we wondered into town, did a very small amount of shopping (I bought a soft toy for our baby – going to be the first […]

  • Not Long Now

    Wow, day 3! Just after I wrote yesterday’s post, we got a new delivery! No, not the baby yet, but the pushchair, car seat, cot bed and mattress. This means we now have pretty much everything we need for the baby (except a few small bits which should be delivered soon). We have got a […]

  • I think I’m more suited to Micro-Blogging

    Well, here I am – I made it to Day 2 of writing a post a day! Recently I’ve discovered Twitter. I’m sure everyone knows about it by now – it’s a bit like posting a Facebook status to a public page. This means it can be searched and read by anyone, and is described […]

  • A Post a Day – Day One

    Anyone reading this blog regularly (which I’m fairly sure isn’t many) will notice I haven’t posted for a while. To be honest I just haven’t got round to it. I have been inspired however by comedian Richard Herring (who we went to see on Sunday) who posts exactly one post a day on his blog. […]