It’s been a while

After going through a period of writing a post a day, it’s now been nearly 8 months since my last post.

It’s not like I’ve not had anything going on. The latest development we’ve had is we moved house at the beginning of August. We’ve moved out of York and are now living in Whitnash (near Leamington where I grew up). We’re in a bigger house, and we’re nearer my parents which hopefully means a bit more support with some free childcare. I also don’t need to work from home any more (no more shedworking!), so I have a 2.5 mile commute (by bike or on foot) every day which means I’ll get some much needed exercise!

There is also some news which seems pretty old by now: we’re expecting our second baby in November. This is all pretty exciting, if a little scary, but we’re really looking forward to giving Izzy a brother or sister (we chose not to find out the sex again this time).

The other big news is that Abby has started a business called Izzy’s Mum selling breastfeeding clothes and accessories. She’s been spending what little free time she has sourcing some great products, and I’ve been busy developing a website. It’s still early days (things got put on hold a bit for the move), but things are looking promising.

I think I’ll try and post a bit more regularly again. I keep having ideas for posts, but never get round to writing them. In the mean time, that’s it for now (any bets on how long till the next post!?)

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