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  • My Toddler Cooks

    Some time ago I discovered a website – MyDaddyCooks.com – which features videos from a dad who includes his toddler (aged 2-3 depending on the age of the video) in the cooking of the meals he cooks for his family. I loved the idea, but thought there was no way I could keep Izzy’s attention […]

  • Homebirth Story

    This was originally written for the Dads’ pages of the NCT Warwickshire newsletter, but I wanted to share it here too. I’m going to share the story of the birth of my second child Lara who was born at the end of November last year. I wanted to tell it from a dad’s perspective, but […]

  • It’s been a while

    After going through a period of writing a post a day, it’s now been nearly 8 months since my last post. It’s not like I’ve not had anything going on. The latest development we’ve had is we moved house at the beginning of August. We’ve moved out of York and are now living in Whitnash […]

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – Eating out and Eating what we eat

    Last weekend we went to  a wedding (at which we had a very good time). We had Izzy with us, for the day, and of course had to feed her. Abby was all for buying some pouches of mush, but we decided there is no reason we couldn’t continue with our baby led weaning. We […]

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – an update

    If you’ve been following this diary, sorry for the lack of entries. I decided it was getting a bit samey and have decided it’s likely to be better to make occasional entries  when we have any new developments. Izzy’s been eating that same sort of stuff. She’s really learning to pick things up on her […]

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 25

    Today was a little odd as we had a very broken night (Izzy was suffering from constipation) and then we slept quite late. This meant meal times were all over the place. Breakfast: Stewed apple and pear. At first she didn’t seem bothered at all, but she did have a small amount of apple. Lunch: […]

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 24

    Breakfast: Banana, and mango. She wasn’t very hungry. Lunch: Mango pear and kiwi. The pear was a bit too hard though. Dinner: Slightly stewed apple and pear, and some steamed parsnip. She ate loads as she hadn’t had very much earlier in the day.

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – Days 22 & 23

    I didn’t get round to doing a diary yesterday, so there’s two days in one here. It’s also fairly short and to the point. One thing we have discovered over the past couple of days is she often gets upset after eating, but if we give her some cooled boiled water after she’s finished she’s […]

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 21: at Gran & Grandad’s

    We’re down at my mum and dad’s at the moment which means things are a bit different for Izzy, but we’re still carrying on with the baby led weaning. Breakfast: Izzy slept for quite a long time last night, so was pretty hungry. We slightly stewed/steamed some apple, and gave her some fairly soft pear. […]

  • Baby Led Weaning Diary – Day 20: 6 Months old today!

    Izzy is 6 months old today. All the “official” advice says you should only start baby led weaning at 6 months old, but she was getting hungry and seemed ready, so she’s 20 days in now! Breakfast: Abby did breakfast (as she does most days in fact), and it consisted of nectarine, banana and of […]