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  • “554 Message not allowed” – Email Rejected by Yahoo

    I just had a customer contact me asking if I had any idea why his email was being rejected by the Yahoo mailservers (which also deal with all BT addresses). The rejection message said: 554 Message not allowed – [320] (in reply to end of DATA command) A quick Google search, and a look at […]

  • HomepagesFriends to stop paying (official)

    Back in February I wrote that the promising service Homepages Friends (formally MySearchFunds) had stopped paying out, (wel, they seemed to have stopped paying me anyway). Any members will have seen the emails they sent recently. The first one seemed to give you the option of paying your earnings to a charity instead and the […]

  • My Search Funds has become Homepages Friends

    I wrote last Tuesday that My Search Funds (the site that pays you for your web searches) was to become Homepages Friends. This change took place yesterday. The biggest change is that Yahoo is now used for the searches. I haven’t done enough searches to be able to judge the quality of the results, but […]

  • My Search Funds to become Homepages Friends

    My Search Funds announced today in an email to their users (or at least me) that they are to become Homepages Friends. It seems they are moving away from just paid searches, to add more cashback services (like their existing eBay cashback). One downside is that they are moving away from Google to use Yahoo […]